CAP patissier (french patisserie course)

After such a long time away from the blog, a little post to mark my decision to take a uturn in my nonexistent carreer 😉 …

I have decided to throw myself into a baking course, and bake bake bake for the next year! Will aim to get my diploma in June next year!

I will learn all the french basic baking skills, in order to be allowed to open my cake business!!

I’m very excited eventho it means some crazy hard work to crash that course alone from home, honing skills to compete with youngsters who train in a full time two years course!

I’ll have two days a week from september til june to reinvent myself!!

Next steps: buying an oven, loads of baking stuff..

I got the book, and I’ll need to take the step from fantasizing on tutos to actually doing it!

A lot of « pie » eating in perpective.

I probably won’t post over the summer, but I’ll post each of my lessons with pictures to help myself in the process and keep a trail of trials and arrors for myself and those who might need it!!

So long!!



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