Another post about HG part 1

So, this is to share my burden (not being dramatic, anyone who’s had HG knows It Is A Burden!!), share my tips and my crazy hopes for an unlikely scientific cure that’ll allow us to procreate just as we would like!! -HG is a pregnancy illness-

What’s it like?

Well, have you ever experienced sea sickness? It is like being on a boat ride, you are sick and there is no escape,

You are sick

You are vomiting

And there is no end to it.

Imagine the sickest you hace ever felt after drinking, and how actually puking and getting rid of some of the poison in your body made you better?

Well, do that, but find no solace in emptying your stomach.

The poison isn’t there, it is in that little blossom of life you have so much wished for, desired, called for, are crazy in love with already,…

and it is killing you.

And not just as a figure of speech.

Years and years ago, before the great invention of IVs, women died. From HG. From hunger. From thirst. From pregnancy…

Now there are IVs. And Zophren. And some other medications to alleviate the vomiting part of it. None have worked for me for the nausea.

It is funny, for those who haven’t experienced it, the dread is all on the vomiting.

But when you are living it, the vomiting isn’t the worst.

The worst is the constant, nagging, overwhelming, dreadful nausea, the constant feeling of feeling so so so bad-I really can’t find better words for it- like you are dying.

Every smell, not just food, sends you over the edge of sanity.

You can’t brush your teeth without vomiting

You can’t shower without vomiting

You can’t go out without vomiting

You can not think of anything else…

Even lights can set you off. Memories…

And if your household doesn’t understand the extense of it and how them putting on deo makes you wanna drop on the floor and curl into a ball, well…

And they don’t know. And they feel for you but they don’t understand, not really. How could they?

So now you are sick, afraid, and alone, until you find for great websites that shows you that you are not alone, you are not crazy, you are not dying…

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  1. devorezmoi dit :

    Bon alors, on a pas tout compris. On est pas fluent in english 😦 Mais on espère que ça va aller. Courage !
    En tout cas c’est cool d’arriver direct sur le contenu du site. Et retrouve la forme/santé pour faire encore plein de merveilleux gâteaux et les partager sur ton blog !

    Aimé par 1 personne


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