Salade du jour…


I don’ t like salads… That is, I don’t like green bitter salad with a sad dressing, good only to make you feel better about yourself.

Feels like medication to me, something I know I should be taking but never get to doing.

And I don’t like washing salads either… Especially when one like me is anal about organic local food and there are always some sort of bug rhat ends up drowned or dead any other way through my washing(ants, slugs, etc…)

So with all that in mind, I find some shortcuts…

For this salad, I used napa salad, which is, as most cabage, too dense to be inhabited…

And I pack my salads with as much yummy(and sweet) goodness as I can!


For this one, you’ll need:

-1 napa cabagge

-1 orange cut in pieces

-1 apple thinely sliced, skin on

-little bit of fresh chopped mint

-pumpkin seeds


-dried cranberries

-1 avocado, diced

I like to add some polenta couscous, to add body(the bf is a farmer and needs it!!)

I cook it and make it cool off quickly by spreading it on a plate


For the dressing, I make a honey- mustard one, for vegan you can use a bit of OJ or mapple sirup:

Mix olive oil, mustard with whole seeds, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and Honey(a good tablespoon!)





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