To my daughters…

DSC01898 (1).JPGI’m no perfect mom.

I get cranky, impatient, I even feel lost sometimes.

Sometimes all I want is to strangle you for a second of peace and quiet!! 😉

But what is the strongest of all that defines me as Your mom is how fierce I could get, how strong I know I become when it comes to protect my two favorite little beings in the whole world, how you are all my world and beyond.

How your background singing both drives me crazy(can’t hear myself think, ever, I feel like the dumbest person alive since becoming a mom, my mind all cluttered with kids related stuff) and is the most wonderful music when I stop to listen to it and think of how it reflects on your happiness..

How nothing makes my heart happier, fuller (It actually feels like my heart is overfloaded with love sometimes, like I don’t just have butterflies in my chest but they are overpouring into my throat, warming, tingling, crazy feeling for moms alone….) than when I get to look at your beautiful faces, your perfect porcelain glowing skin, your wonderous tiny feet, toes, impossibly soft baby fingers, your beautiful bums of which I just wanna take a bite off everytime!!

to be continued….


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