Millionnaire’s Shortbread Squares…

DSC01897.JPGWe had a « country themed » school party last night (read all american style party), and I was supposed to bring some brownies, but my oven died on me 2 days ago so I decided to try to make some Millionnaire’s squares instead (no baking required).

Not sure they’re american but they sure taste like so to us frenchies: rich, rich, rich…

And so yummy!!

You’ll need:

-Some shortbread scottish style biscuits, 2 packs (you want a very thick base)

-1 stick of butter

-some homemade toffee (condensed milk in tins previously boiled for 4 hours-always keeping under water to avoid explosion!!!) or Dulce de leche or confiture de lait.

-2 milk chocolate bar, 1 dark (250g total minimum)

Start with crumbling your biscuits

Then add the melted butter and mix thoroughly, then press down firmly to create the base, refridgerate for 1/2 an hour


Then add your toffee, refrigerate for another 20 min to get the toffee firm enough to avoid for it and your hot chocolate to mix.

Then gently melt your chocolate, pour over, slide it all over by tipping your dish on one side and the other. Tap gently the side to avoid air bubbles.

Then fridge until firm, best if left overnite…

To cut into square, use a knife and dip it into very hot water to « pre-cut » the first layer of chocolate, very gently. I went too fast and it cracked.


Then finish cutting trying not to push the toffee out too much.


NB: I really advice on making your toffee yourself to get it thick enough.

I didn’t have any on hand and used « confiture de lait » and it was too runny and tasting a little « off ». People didn’t tasted it once mixed in the squares but I knew so I could tell. Definitly will try with « homemade » toffee next time!!



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  1. threebrits dit :

    oh wow these look incredible!


    1. Thanks a mil!! You are my very first comment, it feels great to know someone out there in this big wide world is reading you and might end up eating your good auld recipes 😉



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