Awesome Peanut butter Banoffee Pie…


There is very few things I love more than eating (well, my kids for starters ;), so I thought I could put some of my beloved recipes here for my kids when they grow up and I’m not around anymore. So, not so much a ranting post as a loving one for this one…

But if you do happen to check out my page by some miraculous internet way, you’re in for a treat with that one!!

For this pie we used our homemade (god even to myself I sound like one of those « we’re making everything from scratch with my 10 kids » annoying internet moms who seem to be able to raise kids and make homemade jams, cookies, preserves, chutneys, ketchups, furniture…. = trust me I ain’t one of them!!)… Sorry I got lost… So for this pie we used our homemade peanut butter- cause I got myself a great little food processor and it is the easiest thing to do and… I live in France and good peanut butter is nearly impossible to find in our back of the woods little town.

If u buy one, I like a savory one plenty salty, to cut into all that sugar craze and confuse your taste buds just a little moreso into heavenly high!! Hooked yet?

Here it goes:

-2 packs of oreo type cookies

-1 stick of butter (half a pack for us frenchies)

-1 can of sweetened condensed milk boiled for 4 hours (or dulce de leche or confiture de lait) about one cup

-1 cup of peanut butter

-2/3 ripe bananas

-300 or more fresh full fat cream for whipping

-vanilla extract


Crumbs the oreos(with the cream filling on) in the food processor until it’s a fine »ish » powder. add melted butter. Pulse to combine.

Press down firmly in a round (16cm diammeter is my guess) cake tin, trying to get high edges. Try and make the angles sharper than mine on the picture, mine where too big and the pastry was hard after baking so it should hold fine even with thinner angles.

Bake at 350 (170 celsius) for 8/10 minutes.


Bake… Then layer…


First toffee…


Then some yummy peanut butter….




More bananas…..


And plain whipped cream with vanilla…


Et voilà!!!!


And once the pigs get to it!!!


Next time I made the crust thinner and it held just fine, crunchy and all, and I applied the toffee, peanut butter and banana slices around the side too and it was just real real nice! 😉



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